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The Bay State's funniest show is back!

MASS HYSTERIA is a musical, satirical cabaret that pokes fun at the local goings-on, personalities and politics of Massachusetts.

An amazing cast of five use skits, standup, and song parodies, taking merciless aim at a mumbling Mayor Menino, a guilty Lizzy Borden, the local sports teams, the Phantom Gourmet, gay marriage, state corruption, the Big Dig — and of course, the travels of Whitey Bulger.

You'll see skits on parking in Boston, big-haired hairdressers, and the Warren/Brown senate race. You'll hear MBTA sung to the tune of "YMCA," along with Mitt Romney crooning "Oh What A Beautiful Mormon." You will recieve a lesson on learning the Boston accent with hysterical flashcards.

Add a couple of Kennedys to the mix - along with, Barney Frank and the painted Boston Gas tank — what more could you want?

Mass Hysteria has Mass Appeal

The show is not too "inside" for tourists, yet it's local enough for Massachusetts residents to have a ball looking at themselves!

Michael Graham of WTKK 96.9 calls it "FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY!"  Have a listen:

Mike Graham Radio 98.5